Monday, March 30, 2009

TechNet Subscriptions

So over this past weekend, I wanted to do some testing with netcat on a variety of Microsoft OS platforms, but since I don't have a license for W2K3, W2K8, etc... I was unable to complete what I set out to do. So this got me started on looking at TechNet subscriptions. I think the price is reasonable - whether a "Microsoft TechNet Plus Direct Subscription" or "
Microsoft TechNet Plus Single User Subscription" is purchased. If you have the bandwidth and the patience (to wait for the downloads), the Direct subscription might be best. After searching for coupons/discounts online, I was able to get the Single User Subscription down below 500 bucks. I think I will be purchasing this in the next couple of weeks, but for those who may already be subscribers, or previously were, what is your overall opinion of a TechNet subscription? I'm looking for feedback regarding any pluses and minuses from the experience. Seems to be quite reasonable to me, but I'm looking for more insight prior to making a purchase.